Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mayday issue

Oh, do not tell the Priest our plight, Or he would call it a sin;
But we have been out in the woods all night, A-conjuring Summer in!
- Kipling

Mayday! Mayday!  Long-awaited play day!

Another story from my Good Catholic Upbringing:

Naturally I attended Catholic school.  The first of May was the feast of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, and it was traditional to have a big celebration.  This included crowning a good Catholic girl the Queen of May, and she would then crown the Virgin Mary statue located inside the church.  The big thing for our class one year was to dance the Maypole.  Our teacher, Sister Jesus Mary & Joseph, began to pair the girls with the boys in order of height.  I was doomed!  Since I was the tallest in my class, taller than any boy or girl, I was not paired with a boy to dance with.  I was the Giganto that no shorter boy would want to dance with (Tom Cruise never wanted to appear shorter than Nicole Kidman either - SIGH).  Sister Jesus Mary & Joseph felt sorry for me though and found a way to include me.  I got to "hold" the Maypole!

However, I am thrilled to tell you that once again I will DANCE the Maypole (no holding from me needed!) this year in the lovely park with Pagans and Non Pagans from miles around!  We will collect personal hygiene items for donation to Women's Protective Services.  There will be ritual and food and drink and a good time had by all.  Everyone is invited, for as you can see, this tradition is too big for one religion.  We will celebrate sexuality, and fertility and we might even crown a fair maiden or two!  For sure there will be penis cake, condoms for free (the Elder Grove wishes everyone a safe Beltane!) and a table full of tampons and sanitary napkins!


Long may he blow!
By Great Eurus, Exalted Ruler of the East Wind,
By Great Notus, Exalted Ruler of the South Wind,
By Great Zephyrus, Exalted Ruler of the South Wind,
By Great Boreas, Exalted Ruler of the North Wind,
By ALL the Sylphs, Creatures of AIR,
we welcome the Triumphant Return of Lubbock's OWN
Windy Man!!!


Fires around Carlsbad, New Mexico break out on Easter Sunday!  Kalisha is part of the firefighting efforts and we're glad that witch is on it!  There's been too many fires in that state and in ours too, lately!


Welcome to the Lubbock Universal Life Faire. We are an independent organization that wishes to promote Alternative Spirituality.
Our Collective goal is to establish a venue for the exchange of ideas and items associated with progressive alternatives to Spiritual fulfillment, representative of the common ties that is shared by all. The Lubbock Universal Life Faire is an opportunity for persons practicing alternative spirituality and the healing of Mind, Body, and Soul to educate the general public about their practices and to serve as a community building experience. This is an opportunity for the participants to market and to connect with other practitioners and to build community.
This event would be combinations of speakers, music and vendors, exploring the different views of mind, body and spirit in the West Texas area.

Even though the Lubbock Universal Life Faire is small in size, we are Big in Vision, working diligently at making this an annual event, growing and becoming more inclusive year after year.
We are planning to have 3-6 speakers and 5-8 vendors and musicians, but we are open to any type of event, as there is not only an indoor space but also a large outdoor space where tents can be set up as well

Our proposed date is August 27, 2011. The House of Spiritual Teaching (HOST) space will be the sponsor of the Universal Life Fair. HOST is located 1 block West of Slide on 18th. It is a great space and very accessible.

Here is the website which as the vendor/speaker form and other information:
If you are interested in Vending or Speaking, please let us know. Also feel free to pass this on to other interested parties.

We apologize for the technical difficulties, but our brooms caught fire and the film broke.  We are getting everything repaired and the reviews will return with the next issue. 

Thank you, Momma Witche and Lil' Witche


Advice from:
 Good Witch/Bad Witch

Dear witches,

I live out in the middle of Christian Hell.  Recently the highway department has been adding sculptures to the new freeway.  One of the designs is called "Windy Man" and is a representation of the west Texas wind in all of it's glory.  He has clouds for hair and is blowing a curtain of dirt before him.  The problem is that this is the second time they have tried to put Windy Man up.  The first time, a Christain group took a sledge hammer and destroyed the sculpture because they claimed he was the Green Man.  Now anyone with any brains can see the difference.  Please GWBW, what should the pagans of this area do in order to preserve this beautiful piece of artwork?

A Pagan Art Lover

Good Witch:

Dear Art Lover,

First let me say how absolutely thrilled I am that the highway department has not bowed to the rabid few and have put Windy Man back up where he belongs.  That being said, I can see your concern.  Hopefully he is placed where they cannot damage him again.  Get a group of friends together and do a protection ritual for him.  I wouldn't sugget actually going to the location because that might cause even more wrath from the more rabid of the Christian groups.  If it is mentioned in the local press, write in and point out, politely of course, that he is NOT the Green Man and cite the differences.  Your tax dollars, and I am assuming that you pay your taxes, are paying for this art work and you should be allowed to enjoy it.

Good Witch

Bad Witch,

Well no one said that Christians were smart. I mean
it is the religion of grovelers. Don't do this or you'll
go to hell, don't do that, grovel, grovel, grovel.
How they manage to get through the day without
dropping to their knees and a few hallelujah, I'm
never quite sure. Yeah, yeah a few good
protections spells will do, but I say in the very
Christian vein, and eye for an eye, a sledgehammer
for a sledgehammer. A few good whacks at some of
those overly pious idols will do. But why waste the
energy, although it is tempting, let's just dose's
with some good ole fashioned Goofer Dust. Sprinkle
some outside one of their churches on Sunday
morning, or better yet, on the entrance to
Walmart, since that's where they all herd off to
after more groveling. And we can make some with
some harmful dirt form one of their own
graveyards. Plus a bit of sulfur, and some black
pepper. I make my own with a few choice
ingredients, so if you need some,…
May the windy man reign supreme,
Bad Witch


Our Beltane 2011 Playlist:

May Queen - Three Weird Sisters
May the Circle Be Oopen - Circle of Women/Alice Di Micele
I Walk With the Goddess - Kellianna
Earth My Body - Circle of Women/Alice Di Micele
We Shall Lift Each Other Up - Circle of Women/Alice Di Micele
Mother of Darkness; We All... -  Circle of Women/Alice Di Micele
O' She Will Bring-Musical Priestess - Circle of Women/Alice Di Micele
Celebrate the Rain -  Circle of Women/Alice Di Micele
Mother I Feel you -  Circle of Women/Alice Di Micele (yup, I'd just downloaded this album recently)
Ladyspin - Daughters of Gaia
Blessed Be - Daughters of Gaia
Merry Mayfolk - Emerald Rose
Freya, Shakti - Emerald Rose
Wiccan Goddess Chant - Inkubus Sukkubus
Cauldron of Changes - Lindi Lila
Beltane Boogie - Moon Struck
Firepit Drumming - Moon Struck
Firebird's Child - S.J. Tucker
Hymn to Herne - S.J. Tucker
Witch's Rune - S.J. Tucker
In the Name of the Dance - S.J. Tucker
Prayer of St. Francis - Sarah Maclachlan
New Forest - Three Weird Sisters
Boys Want Sex in the Morning - Three Weird Sisters
Lord of the Dance - Todd Alan
Artemis - Wendy Rule
The Circle Song - Wendy Rule

Beltane is a time of fertility and creativity.  Most of us have been quite busy getting creative, and fertile.  So, this is the abbreviated version of the newsletter this time.  See you next month!